As a team we believe in putting love, time and the quality in the craftsmanship of products. No matter the location we’re sure to over exceed your expectations, we find it important to build a relationship with our customers by doing so!
Gold2ink LLC
 Timothy williams  ,south Florida native changed the jewelry game in a major way originally a tattoo artist who worked his way up to  a skilled jeweler though not common for men of his up bringing. He single handed created his empire from nothing. having to build it from the ground up inspired of hick ups encountered as a kid.​
 GOLD2INK gets its unique name due williams closing down his tattoo shops, becoming  accustom the oil and gas industry & using that opportunity  become a master jeweler then re incorporating. moving into the next wave once seasoned enough, thus giving us (faze 2) GOLD2INK.  allowing him to make head way in the fashion and hip hop industry.
Who knew his shadow who be casted so far. Not just diamonds, gold, and other previous medals also in the art industry. a  single sitting from Mr. williams starts at a minim of 125$hr on the low end. As he has moved deeper in to his craft and into teaching,   Not forgetting were he started from with the bad hand he was delt as a kid he believes in creating opportunities for those who weren't given them as well. raised by his grandmother truly believe in second chances. and if he's to do anything he's to be the best at it. Though  he's not big on broad casting it he's certianly the engine within the train.