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    At Gold2ink, we are redesigning the industry one smile at a time every day. From veneers, gold teeth, Diamond teeth, tooth gems, and much much more!! If you are seeking better quality of life, drip and/or even more confidence, chances are good that a revamped smile can help you achieve your goals. We offer wide range of high quality grillz in a various of alloys to choose from. And even offer restorative cosmetic dentistry, smile designs, cleaning  and dental casting. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, & feel free to tour our catalog. World wide our work speaks for it self, so when its done rite you know its GOLD2INK!


We put love into every single piece!!!

we have over 14 years of expeirence. we provide only the highest in qaulited alloys and diamonds, having 3 major locations as well as offer shipping worldwide. were not just your average grill shop we’re a manufaturer so were able to give you unbelievable  quaility at unbelievable prices. Customer repairs are offered but there are no refunds only exchanges. But always feel free to contact one of customer support members at any moment our jobs is to make your dream a reality. We provide the most detail in our indrustry, when you compare are work to others its clearly unmatched though often compared. We've been dominating the grill game simply  because we put love in our grillz, we actally care about our customers and how or products effects them. 

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The president of the company founded Gold2ink on principle

Trust. …Qaulity. ...Fairness. ...Communication. ...Innovation. ...

And believes in developing collective goals, employing the right people in the right positions, keying on areas of strength and weakness, and developing organizational jewelry culture.

Timothy williams or as some would consider him one of the kings of the industry, has deticated allot of his time and efforts into using only the best of matierials, staff & craftmenship on everything produced weather it be product or service. We  would like to thank you for choosing gold2ink!!! by shopping with us we consider you part of our familly here G2I  and for those of you who are considering joining the team welcome home!!! your comments, opininions and suggestions are always welcomed as it is you who makes us better. 


Iron sharpens Iron!!!

Detail matters, why expect less!!!

The Difference Between: Pre-Made and Custom-Fitted GrillzPre-made grillz, or our low-gradet gold-plated grillz, come in one standard size that fits most. They are made from stainless steel and then plated goldCustom-fitted grillz, or solid gold grillz, are more expensive option because they are made from pure gold and designed to fit you perfectly. First, you will receive everything you need to create an impression of your teeth. You will mail it back to us, and we will use your impression to create a custom-fitted grillz designed to give an exact fit to the shape and size of our teeth.

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Our products are for cosmetic and entertainment purposes only and should not be used for the replacement of natural teeth or broken fillings. Gold2ink gold Grillz does not perform dental procedures, and we are not taking impressions of your teeth in person. You must purchase a do-it-yourself mold kit from us or have your impression created by a licensed dentist. We will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses or damages arising from the use of our products.# If you decide to wear custom gold grillz, then use special care with dental hygiene. Brush and floss regularly to prevent problems. Make sure your teeth are clean before you put on the grillz because tiny bits of food and debris could lead to cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath.How to clean my grills:Simply start by gently brushing away any dirt and grime build-up using warm water. Then soak your grillz in a glass filled with mouthwash. Allow your grillz to soak for at least 5-10 minutes. Remove your grillz from the solution and rinse them off with warm water and pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Refund policythere's a no redund policy/exchanges only we solemly believe in producing qaulity products and service. thats why  if one of the 2 has been comprimised, this should be brought to our attention rite away. if a response was delayed we appoligize as we often deal with high volume's of customers and products we will try to do better as we continued to increase our efforts. Witch is usaully not the case but its possible to have slip throught the cracks !!

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what sets our brand apart from our competitors is the ability to pay attention to detail allowing us to offer higher qaulity at lower prices!

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